Le Verre De Vin

Wine preservation systems now available in Cyprus!  Boost sales, reduce wastage, delight your customers and serve every glass with confidence.


pod bar display chillers

Designed to showcase wine in the bottle to increase your sales, the pod bar chillers are available as a single unit.  Combine them with a classic preservation system to give the perfect serve of every bottle by the glass.  Preserve for up to 1 month! 


quad pod wine preservation system

For the best eye-catching wine display system available, the quad pod bar system allows over 48 bottles to be opened and served in perfect condition by the glass.  Colour change lights and independent temperature settings complete the picture.


tower - pod mounted

The perfect addition to any wine cellar or bar service area.  Display your wines and let your customers have confidence in your preservation system on display.


tower - free standing

Suitable where portability is required, for outside events or where the bar cannot be drilled.   Allows rotation and easy display at the right viewing angle.


tower - counter mounted

For ease of use in a compact bar area, the counter mounted tower is ideal.  Securely mounted and with no visible cables or hoses allows viewing perfection.


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