design without following guidelines

when we built Vinaria, we started from scratch. initially, just a few friends sat round a pool with a very delicious bottle of provence rose.  with a few rough sketches and notes on napkins, we liked what we were doing.  building somewhere we all wanted to go when the need for relaxing and sharing wine together arose.

reflecting our combination of great wine and great food, we paired solid natural features (take a look at the bartop and chef's table) with bold and comfy highlights to help everyone unwind and enjoy.  soft lighting, multiple table levels and an open kitchen deliver what we originally aimed for - a chilled, comfortable, cool place to be.


a few facts about our building

  • the block in which Vinaria sits is not a new building.  renovation, rather than demolition meant innovative solutions to architectural problems were required
  • the barfront is constructed of gabion cages filled with local pebbles and the bartop is solid 2" thick maple
  • during demolition of a tobacco factory in manchester, UK, we rescued the beechwood floor and relaid it rather than use tiles or concrete
  • the open kitchen features a specialist imported italian range with every inch utilised for storage and preparation
  • the chef's table was handcrafted from an ash tree that was uprooted during a big storm in 1989.  it took several weeks to saw, plane and polish.